Recommended Products

During my career as a violinist, I have tried many products, cases, and accessories. I have spent many hours researching and testing what is best for your violin and bow, but also the amp, software, and scores I recommend. This is road-proven material.

Most of the gear and products I recommend here I have selected and owned. A couple of them, I have researched and tried. In any case, I try to give an unbiased review of items that are not necessarily top of the line, but that provide the best value for money. When you have a gig, the last thing you want is something not reliable that breaks on you. So quality is important. This is what I trust and use.

Bow maintenance, care, and storage items. Let’s start off with the bow. It plays a crucial role in your sound and technique. As a key part of violin or viola playing, a bow surely needs special care. This is what I use to store my bows, to clean them, to take great care of them.

Best strings: what I use or what I recommend

Best violin overall violin strings
My strings sets of choice

Best rosins: for beginners, for intermediate, and for advanced players

My rosin of choice
Best bang for the buck violin rosin

Violin maintenance and care: the luthiers I know have agreed on those

Everything you will ever need

Best violin cases, and accessories: the ones I’ve tried

A sturdy and light violin case

Best films on the violin: you can’t learn the violin without watching them

best films on violin
Best films to watch when you learn the violin